software Product Management


In the age of digital competition, every business is a software business. Software products and platforms are the key value drivers in the digital era.

Consulting & mentoring for Platform / Product companies 

eVidyaloka - To Educate Anywhere Anytime


eVidyaloka is a educational social enterprise, with a vision to enable quality in education for the children of rural India. It is realized by connecting passionate individuals as volunteer teachers from across the world with the Govt elementary schools in remote and rural villages of India, leveraging technology.It is focused on the children in the age group of 10-14 (5th to 8th grade), deliveringlive interactive classes in the local medium, through a powerful partner eco system.


InnoTivum was founded by Hans-Bernd Kittlaus  The Offerings  include interim management, consulting, coaching and training. Based on Hans-Bernd’s extensive experience in the software industry, SPM has been a major focus area which is becoming more and more relevant to all industries.

Dhwani Bansal Signature Jewllery


Dhwani Bansal is a Jewellery Designer. Intrigued by the possibilities of Jewellery, she merges concepts that excite her with her skills training to create designs that challenge and push the boundaries of this form of art.

self defence for a safe community


To groom women, young adults and children, into confident and independent individuals, empowered to protect themselves and their priorities, from various forms of aggression and violence in public and private domains.

wellness plans for super adults

senior wellness

"youth has no age" - Pablo Picasso


holistic wellness plans - social, physical mental  & financial wellbeing